Changing Strings

This is a quick tip. I was asked about the best way to wind strings, either if a string breaks or when replacing with a new set. I usually change a pair of strings at a time unless the frets need a good clean. This keeps the instrument under tension

This is an easy reliable and time saving method. First attach the loop and of the string to the appropriate hook on the tail piece. Stretch the string over the bridge slot and then over the slot in the nut. Making sure the tension is maintained. Now, from the direction of inside to outside, wind the string twice around the tune peg BEFORE slotting the end through the hole. As you slot the string through the hole make sure you keep the tension. Now when you turn the machine head the string is secure. With the G strings you may only need to wind round once or one and a half before slotting through the hole. If you are tired of winding the machine head by hand you can buy a handy little machine head turner that speeds up the process while the string comes up to pitch.

When you have the string in tune gently pull the string outward for a final stretch and retune. Now you can trim the excess string with wire clippers.