Hints and Tips

Tip 1.  Tremolo attack 

Tip 2.  4th Finger strength and stretch

Tip 3.  Changing Strings 

Tip 4.  Expression Loud and Soft

Tip 5.  New Year Resolution

Tip 6.  Are you sitting comfortably?

Tip 7.  Cheap music sources

Tip 8.  Having fun with scales

Tip 9.  Leave your fingers down

Tip 10 Creating a good tone

Tip 11 More Confidence While Playing

Tip 12 Getting a Grip

Tip 13 Play a ballad, improve your tone

Tip 14 Virtual Practice

Tip 15 Smooth quavers

Tip 16 Plectrum strokes

Tip 17 Arpeggios and triads

Tip 18 Fourth Finger Exercise

Tip 20 Commissioning a Mandolin

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