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Brejeiro “La Llorona”

The debut album of my current band Brejerio. My passion for Brazilian Choro music led to my forming this band to play the music I have come to love. After many changes in line up we now have a wonderful quartet of talented musicians and the band is going from strength  to strength. This is exhilarating music played with passion. Enjoy.
Enjoy. £10.00 + £1.50 pp


  1. Diabinho Malucho
  2. Santa Morena
  3. El Grillo
  4. Juramento
  5. Brejerio
  6. La Frontera
  7. Lamentos
  8. La Llorona
  9. Receitta de Samba
  10. Quando me Lembro
  11. Murmurando
  12. Jesusita en Chhuahua


"An infectious melody of singing mandolins laced with complicated rhythms that will have even the most unmusical among us tapping our feet and looking for someone to dance with."

"The mandolins sparkle throughout. Pretty much all human emotion is covered, from the tender drama of Quando me Lembro, on which Griffiths, duetting with Helen James, also turns in a technical tour-de-force, to the chirpy Jesusita en Chihuahua - I defy you not to smile at this"